citizendefenseLake Forest and Mitylene Forest, as well as adjoinng neighborhoods Arrowhead and Town Lakes are generally considered safe places to live and enjoy your property. However, there are people out there that take advantage of our relaxed sense of security and prey upon those who cannot easily defend themselves. As of the end of September, 2016, there have been several police reports of people in East Montgomery being robbed in broad daylight, or home invasions. Nothing can prevent bad people from committing crimes, but you can do some things the lower your odds of being a victim.

  1. Maintain situational awareness at all times. Scan your environment continuously. Avoid engaging in microfocused tasks such as using your phone to txt / email when in public. If you are watching your environment, you will likely see most dangers and be able to avoid them. Most criminals would rather target those who are unaware of their presence. Always be that person who is aware!

  2. When possible, travel with a companion or two. Criminals are cowards in most cases, but the aren't always dumb. They know if there are more people, there are more chances they won't get away with the crime.

  3. Break up your routine. Travel home by different routes. Leave / arrive at varying times. Come home in the middle of the day from time to time if possible.

  4. Notice when your neighbors are and are not home. Notice what cars they drive and where they park. Be able to pick out a descrapancy in these factors that might alert you to a problem.

  5. Keep your home and vehicles locked. Make sure alarm systems are installed and are working.

  6. Do not answer your door if you do not know who it is that is knocking or ringing the bell. Post a no solicitng sign on your porch so they know not to solicit. Have a neighbor whom you can call if you feel that someone is a threat at your door or around your home.

  7. Consider personal protection such as pepper spray, a taser or a firearm, but if you do so, you MUST know how to use them. If you obtain a firearm, get some qualified instruction on how to use it, how it functions, and practice regularly with it. Even with pepper spray, mace or a taser, you should practice using it so you know how it works, how far it will be effective, and in the case of pepper spray or mace, how to use it without getting it in your own face!.

  8. Maintain a level of fitness that will allow you to offer some resistance to an attacker. If possible, obtain training in how to fend off physical attacks.

  9. Understand the laws regarding your property, physical defense and injury. Even though you have the right to defend yourself, you can run afoul of the law if you are not careful, and a criminal can end up the beneficiary of your mistakes. Know what you can and cannot do in defense of yourself and your property. Know what to do and not to do after an incident.

  10. Keep a list written down of important numbers such as a spouse, friend, neighbor and the police and EMS personnel. Having them written rather than stored in your phone means you can use them if your phone is damaged, stolen or otherwise not available.

Below are some resources that may be helpful for you in meeting the above criteria for being safe at your home and in the city.

The article that inspired this blog post: http://www.wsfa.com/story/33275154/woman-robbed-injured-in-driveway-in-series-of-east-montgomery-crimes

Places to learn self defense in Montogmery:

Tiger Rock Martial Arts 2750 Bell Rd,
Montgomery, AL 36117

Shindokan Dojo- 004C E Shirley Ln
Montgomery, AL 36117

Percy Brown's Taekwondo- 3036 Woodley Rd
Montgomery, AL 36116

Bateman Taekwondo- 3541 Mcgehee Rd
Montgomery, AL 36111


Resources for personal defense with pepper spray, tasers or firearms:

The Gun Shoppe - help selecitng the correct personal protection equipment for you. 
2766A Bell Road,
Montgomery, AL 36117
Telephone: 334.239.8276

Defensive Options Group 

Small Arms Training-Consultants

MPD Citizens Firearms Familiarization Course

MPD Citizens Police Academy