lawnmowerby Lieutenant Denise Barnes from Montgomery Police Department

Spring has sprung; unfortunately an increase in lawn equipment theft can occur during this time of the season. Our MPD Crime Prevention Officers are providing the following tips for you to consider:

Consider having insurance coverage on your lawn equipment or check with your insurance provider to see if lawn equipment is covered under your current homeowner’s policy.

Engrave your driver’s license number and your name into your lawn equipment, take photos of your equipment, and write down the model and serial number of each item for later identification.

If you store your lawn equipment in your home’s garage, be sure to keep your garage door locked at all times. Consider an alarm sensor for your garage door.

Remove keys from any riding lawn equipment.

If your lawn equipment is kept in the backyard, consider keeping all gates that access your backyard locked. If lawn equipment is stored in a shed, consider using a high quality padlock to secure the shed. You may also wish to add a self-monitored alarm to your shed. These devices can be found at local hardware stores.

Consider looping a rope or chain lock around your lawn equipment, securing it to a heavy or fixed object.

Consider placing motion activated flood lighting near the area you store your lawn equipment.

Consider installing wireless outside security cameras to monitor the exterior of your home.

You may wish to consider purchasing GPS tracking devices; new technology provides small devices that can monitor the location of physical property and items such as lawn equipment.

Know your neighbor; communicating with your neighbors can help them identify suspicious activity occurring on your property.

Remember, the more difficult you make it for a criminal to access your property, the less chance you have of becoming a victim.

Report any suspicious activity to Montgomery Police Department Communications, (334) 241-2651.