Membership is voluntary, but it is highly encouraged in order to support common goals of the neighborhood as well as maintain property values. Membership dues, which are minimal at $40 per year, are used to maintain attractive neighborhood entryways, mail membership statements, purchase advertising for the biannual neighborhood yard sale, maintain this website as well as miscellaneous expenses incurred by the Association. If you are not a member, please join – your dues help maintain the quality of your neighborhood as well as your home.

The main goal of the Association is to help maintain property values by enforcing neighborhood covenants where necessary, appealing zoning and development issues before the City Council, maintaining common areas such as the front and rear entrances, etc. As a group, we can also carry more influence when approaching our City Councilman, County Commissioner or other city/county offices for assistance when necessary. Your dues are used to pay for the upkeep both entrances (mowing and lawn care; irrigation, power; tree and shrub planting, trimming, and removal as necessary; Christmas lighting; etc.) and administrative expenses (printing and postage, legal fees, banking, insurance, holding general association meetings) and defraying other costs as they may arise.

Annual dues are $40.00 per year – which is significantly lower then most other neighborhood associations in the local area.

The Board of Directors manages the association. The Association has an elected Board – homeowners who have volunteered their time and energies on behalf of the entire community. Their job is to establish policies, adopt and oversee the budget, ensure that financial obligations are met, appoint committee members, etc.


 Download a membership application now here