BRIDGE 1058176 1279X852Often times people ask "Why should I join....what benefits do I get?". The main goal of the Association is to help maintain appearance of the neighborhood by encouraging adherence to applicable plat restrictions where necessary, resolution of common concerns, appealing pending zoning and development issues before the city council, maintaining common areas such as our neighborhood entrances, etc. As a group, we also carry more influence when approaching our City Councilman, County Comissioner or other city/county offices for assistance when necessary. Dues are used to defray the cost of maintaining both entrances (power/water/landscaping/seasonal decorations) as well as the costs of publishing and mailing newsletters and fliers, holding general association meetings and defraying other costs as they may arise. Our dues of $40.00 per year are exceptionally low when compared with annual dues of other nearby associations such as Arrowhead and Towne Lake.

Membership applications are accepted at any time, and should you decide to join, you will receive a reminder via either e-mail or regular mail when your membership is due for renewal. One other benefit of joining the Association is that if you would provide us with an e-mail address, we can more readily provide you with important information, special meeting notices/events, etc., This will reduce the number and cost of special mail outs, fliers, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding membership please contact us.

Download a membership application now here