LFENTRANCEThe Lake Forest Neighborhood Association is designated as a Neighborhood Association. It is not a Homeowners Association (HOA). Membership in the association is not mandatory for home ownership. Dues are not collected via bank draft and are not a part of any financial arrangement with any other party.

Association membership is voluntary. The cost is $40/year per home. Dues are used to maintain attractive neighborhood entryways, mail membership statements, newsletters and notices, purchase advertising for the biannual neighborhood yard sale, maintain this website as well as miscellaneous expenses incurred by the Association. Homeowners and mortgage holders are NOT required by any authority to be a member of the association. The association holds no legal authoritative influence over homeowners or their financial institutions.

Because it operates under these voluntary guidelines, the association does not hold, own or store any legal or financial information on homeowners in the Lake Forest / Mitylene Forest neighborhoods and is not organized as an entity qualified to make statements about such homeowner information. There is no situation where the association can provide information or make statements about homeowner's mortgages, titles, or delinquency status of those or any other accounts.

We do not provide a list of current members of our association, or make it public in any way. Membership or the lack thereof in our association has no bearing on a resident's qualification for any financial arrangement or ownership status, and therefore is not available to parties outside of our association. If a homeowner elects to discontinue membership in the association, the homeowner is not considered delinquent by us or any other party. Failure to pay the voluntary neighborhood association dues annually results in the removal of that person from our roles, but there is no effort to collect unpaid dues and no collection agency or other third party is notified or made aware that a member is no longer paying dues.

Agents of financial institutions  who feel that there is information that the association can provide to you, please make that request via correspondence to the email address below, or via the forms on this website and we will do our best to help.


If you are a mortgage company agent in need of information beyond what is provided here, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via phone at (334) 245-0837