FAQs - Membership

Information about membership in the association

No, membership is voluntary, but it is highly encouraged in order to support common goals of the neighborhood as well as maintain property values.

The main goal of the Association is to help maintain property values by enforcing neighborhood covenants where necessary, appealing zoning and development issues before the City Council, maintaining common areas such as the front and rear entrances, etc. As a group, we can also carry more influence when approaching our City Councilman, County Comissioner or other city/county offices for assistance when necessary. Your dues are used to pay power and water bills for both entrances as well as defraying costs of publishing and mailing newsletters, fliers, holding general association meetings and defraying other costs as they may arise.

Annual dues are $40.00 per year which is significantly lower then most other neighborhood associations in the local area.

The date which appears on your mailbox sticker indicates the year in which your current dues were paid and is good for one year from the date of payment. For example, if you pay your 2015 - 2016 dues in November 2015, your sticker will indicate a 2015 date, If your annual dues are paid after January 2016, then the sticker will indicate 2016. in either case, your dues are valid for the entire year from the date that you actually paid them.

Unfortunately, there are times when we need to replace a mailbox. According to the Lake Forest/Mitylene Forest Plat Restrictions, all mailboxes need to conform to all others in the neighborhood regarding size, shape and type of post. Should you have to replace your mailbox, the following vendors provide boxes and posts which satisfy the neighborhood requirements.
Cost of as total replacement (post and box) may approximate $200 - $300.


Mr.David Fletcher 284-9589 or 284-3715


Mr. Doyle Bingham 290-9009 (Shop) or 799-1018 (Cell)

Note: Mailboxes may be purchased from Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc., as long as they meet the size, color and shape restrictions

The Architectural Review Committee routinely monitors for compliance with our Covenants. If a homeowner’s property is found in violation, you will be notified in writing concerning the issue. This first letter does not carry a fine, however, continued violations may result in fines.

The intention of this monitoring is not to bombard residents with letters, or to snoop, but rather it is to make sure that all our homes are uniform and tidy so we can continue to be proud of our community. We have strong enforcement of our Covenants, for the benefit of all  residents.